Trainable Search Tools

Ideas for a search tool that ..
- learn under direction.
- That allows you to direct its recording of your search, so that it comes away with more usable data, in order to eventually search better, or at least use better fit strategies.

Heres one imaginable set of use and features for a such a thing (SearchAgent?):

- when you have a particular search in mind, and are ready to contribute to your search tool's learning
- decide if you want train your personal search tool, or contribute to both your own and a public search tool.
- then hit the 'learn' button
- Possibly contextualise the current search (via browser toolbar?). categorising, connecting, and weighing the current search.
- then begin searching.
- possibly give realtime feedback while you search ..
- the software then records ...
-- your search history,
-- search terms,
-- what links you follow,
-- actual screentime, if you choose to,
-- maybe collecting all highlighted text, as you read it.
-- And if you want, records how happy you are about the search results you get, and the pages you read.

- domains / and pages get rated accordingly
- and all that data can be mined, by us privately, and larger chosen communities

Probably with GoogleSearch, all or most of this already gets done to a greater or lesser extent; but without direction, and purpose
But, Big Data can also be our own BigData

Reward for using the public one is that your search uses the public dataset (or chosen subsets)